With BOS Landscaping, you can expect quality tradesmen in a variety of fields including ‘softscaping’ (garden work), ‘hardscaping’ (stone work), and carpentry.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you will ever make.  A professionally designed and built landscape will increase the value of your investment exponentially.  We at Bos Landscaping will create a design that is specific to your property, your vision and your budget. Our expert designers and construction teams will create you a landscape that dreams are made of.

You do enough cleaning and “picking up after…” in your daily lives.  You should not have to clean up after a construction crew.

Our meticulous construction team will always work under the safest conditions and when the project is will never know that they were there!

(Except for the gorgeous landscape that is now your yard.)

How it works:

Step 1 – During our initial consultation, we will sit with you and listen to your dreams, your realities and your needs.

Step 2 - We will make recommendations based on this interaction, combined with our expertise.

Step 3 – The job begins and we are committed to keeping you updated on all aspects of your project until it is complete.  Managing your investment from design concept to completion is our mandate.